The qi gong System

The system was created to master double weapons. This means left and right side need to work together harmoniously. And attention must be at both hands. Movement of a weapon is always circular. In essence, all movement is. Straight lines do not exist in this reality. How did circle come to existence first there was one witch is also revered to as 1 above male unconscious energy ore aether one must realise above is on the other side of the earth down. Then came 2 below which is female conscious or mass which is the earth core from this perspective which is just as infinite as above. The earth service is the mirror in between all that is above is also below in mirror image. Above and below are also revered to as gravity/mass and time is related as gravity and anti-gravity Also called the y axle. Then came 3 the centre of above and below gave birth to primal consciousness duality witch is the trinity between these points 4 movements are possible. From that centre/mirror back Thoth/thought which is male which north comes as an attempt to stabilise the centre of two. which gave birth to the front female and which is magnetism or Future and past or time. this is called the z axle. witch formes the holy cross. 4 duality and the centre. the two dimensions and self. When the cross tries to stabilise its self by trying to find the middle the circle will emerge. This is the first ring that exists out of two half circles between the 4 opposites giving every half circle 3 points. Making 8 movements between oposites. from the centre of the circle and the middle point of the half circle, the 3 circles came to make up our 3-dimensional world. This is called the x axle which means that the opposites could meet each other and the dance of life began. So there is also left is male and right female. And they are here to find unity. the left side guarded the heart which is the connection to the half circle our cradle. The right side guards the liver where the knowledge of al the elements is. This system is based on this fundamental base code to help our left and right side find each other back in harmony.  This is like your body which you can cut horizontally in two pieces that have a lot similarity. You get two parts above and below which you can split in back and front and left and right.  So you can cut the body in 8 pieces that are quite similar as pairs. Every part would have 3 definitions like above, front, left\below, richt, back like the hexagrams of the i ching. But you can see it every where. This is because of the 3 axles and their centre. These 6 dualities and the centre are the keys to 7 who is self. When you connected these 7 points from the octahedron with the 3 axles inside. The octahedron has 18 lines and 36 movements between the points and 108 movements you can make with your both hands between the 7 points. 

The upper part is where consciousness with most people is. the lower part where subconsciousness is. The front is where consciousness is the back is where subconsciousness is. The internal is where the subconsciousness is external where the consciousness is.

Those people live in primal/children's consciousness called duality. This system was made to bring the conscious which has only limitations and unconsciouses where the magic happens closer together.

Every movement of the form can be done from multiple directions. At the end onley the focus points of the form remain and witch direction is chosen is diceded at the last moment relative to the curcomctances. 

Eternal flower tea ceremony

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