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What is it about

It is about truly understanding the nature of the circle and is roots.

The training is about understanding the 3 axles with the 6 opposites and their center which is thyself. These are the 7 focus points. They result in 3 circles witch are the basis of our reality. Learning to work with them can free you from black and white thinking. Working with the energy from the 7 directions can help you control your emotions separating them from circumstances. And using them to find your personal quality and developing it. It is about understanding the basic fundamentals so well that you can apply them on everything. The basics are from the ancient world and came from people trying to master external weapons like the stick or sword. And applying what they learned on an internal level. With one golden rule. Everything needs a foundation and so is with out personality. Thats for each individual self to evolve.


We are a branch of the tree that wants to grow, flower, pollinate and bear fruits with seeds of diversity.

We cultivate ourselves to be able to see the truth without becoming violent or harmed by nocebo.